What Are Your options For Customer Program Service and Support

In terms of product life cycle, only one factor is sure to either benefit or hurt any software - service and support. Regardless of how intuitive and simple a designer believes a program to be, it will have an astounding proportion of users unable to successfully navigate software program without the help of customer service and supplemental support options.
You start with supplemental support, the options include interactive tutorials, support documentation in the form of help files, support forums and online communities, and live technical support. Finishing with service, customer service is vital from making the sell off to keeping customers as good serviced that they continue using your product. Service and support options
Many greats in the past have suffered dearly from lackluster customer service and support. Subsequently, there have been companies with superior companies expire off from a combined deficiency of service and support choices (not to mention the revenue from service contracts! )

As a result, the emphasis in this post is a generalized overview of the many types of service and support that can be used to bolster the service and support of middle men users and end users. First and foremost, every single program (even pacman and galaga in arcades) should have some formal written paperwork to support users. Collapse
However the vast majority of service and tech support calls could be eliminated by simply reading the documentation, there exists an immeasurable benefit of all the people who perform actually find their answers within their program documentation without needing to call customer service. Furthermore, support documentation allows users to solve the problems worldwide, in the modern global economy without the need to stay up 16 hours for the magical “9-5 Monday through Friday” somewhere across the world.
Second, support forums on the net allow the “power users” to support novices with your product, essentially providing free technical assistance for ecommerce software, mini-centers on a wide variety of topics that no amount of due diligence could possibly be reasonably expected to include in the required owners service manuals. An additional service and supportive decision could be to implement online communities.
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